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How Large of a Role Did Social Media Play in the Arab Spring?

This video clip is a collection of Giganet meeting’s panel “Change 2.0: the Web as well as the Center East and also North Africa” and the panelists point of views on the duty that social media played in the center East’s uprisings. GigaNet is an international academic area developed in 2006, which checks out the Net’s status as a communication medium that is decentralized, scalable and international and which difficulties and also positions new issues in governance and policy.

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Business Owners Use Facebook To Make Sales

Retweeting Democracy: The Role of Social Media

Initially aired on RT, April 14, 2011

The United States is educating anti-government activists from the Center East as well as North Africa on the best ways to spread freedom with the aid of contemporary computer technology.

One of the most recent growths is the "panic button".

Inning accordance with the State Division, the application could be posted onto lobbyists' mobile phone. In case they obtain detained, the software instantaneously eliminates the call publication in their phones and sends a caution sharp signal to various other lobbyists.

It looks like the application can soon remain in demand– one push of a switch as well as the evidence is gone. American officials claim the most effective of purposes, claiming it is to shield pro-democracy forces in various other nations. But several will certainly be asking yourself if the development will certainly be something additionally invited by drug dealers, lawbreakers and also terrorists.

In order to help use the modern technology better, the US has arranged training sessions for countless activists. One held just weeks ago in the center East included anti-government advocates from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon. And as the recently educated as well as equipped protestors return residence, the United States, as one State Division authorities put it, depends on the causal sequence.

" Foreign disturbance doesn't need to be an armed forces invasion and also a bombing campaign or some kind of a special procedure in that nation. It can additionally be the training and funding and political assistance offered to people that then advertise those international interests. That's one of the newest approaches that the United States government has actually efficiently been executing in different countries all over the world, that it doesn't think about subordinate to their program. As well as they do it discreetly, so it's tougher to find as well as denounce it, which is often extra reliable", declared Eva Golinger, a journalist.

The US regards the net and social networking platforms as major tools for spreading freedom, as well as pumps countless bucks right into creating systems to help individuals in the Middle East and also China navigate internet-blocking firewall softwares.

But at the exact same time, American business supply Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and also Kuwait with the innovation to successfully block websites.

The US armed force has actually recently introduced an on the internet management program which allows it to create several phony identities on socials media. The incorrect characters are created to add to the flow of discussions on Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

" People are utilizing social networks for cyber war. That's what we are visiting– federal governments or non-state stars are mosting likely to search for methods to utilize the internet and also social media to acquire an advantage in their very own fight", Shadi Hamid from the Brookings Doha Center told RT

. The current chaos in Libya recommends the orchestration of Twitter with fake users. Only around five percent of Libyans have access to the internet and also the variety of twitter customers there is so tiny that analysts can not also compute it. Yet, in February this year, a rise of Libyan Twitter accounts appeared, reporting in English as well as virtually all pleading for intervention.

" We know that given that the start of the war Libyans have not obtained access to the internet, however somehow individuals do not inspect the necessary facts and also they take all the information coming from social media sites at stated value, which after that serves the wider function of fabricating the news", said Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Research study on Globalization.

Educated lobbyists, offered with panic buttons as well as various other technology, ratings of false identifications online spreading out certain ideas– the US states this is all about advertising democracy. But do these stated objectives justify direct disturbance in other countries' residential events?

Originally broadcast on RT, April 14, 2011

Touching the Art – Episode 6 – Muses, Disposability, Social Media – Ovation

Do muses still exist? Is disposability the new creative tool? How uncool is social media? In the 6th episode of Ovation's new internet talk program, host Casey Jane Ellison and her panelists deal with journalism problems encountering contemporary art. This week's panel functions Mara McCarthy (Package Gallery), Hunter Drohojowska-Philp (art doubter at KCRW) as well as Tierney Finster (artist/muse). Episode 6 was fired on location in the evening Gallery in Los Angeles and also features music by Mirror Mirror.



Contemporary art is having a breakthrough minute, many thanks partially to recent star cross-overs (Girl Gaga, James Franco, Jay-Z), common fashion cooperations and record-setting auction returns. So why is it still so tough to speak about? Comedian and also artist Casey Jane Ellison falls to this conversational quagmire in Ovation's new original internet talk show, TOUCHING THE ART.

As host, Casey's candid, reductive line of questioning takes objective at the barriers between the inexperienced viewer and also the contemporary art world, as well as the program creates a system for her panel of art world specialists to demystify, in their own words, one of the most fundamental issues bordering art as well as its area in more comprehensive society. And also as a meta review of the regarded sex imbalance of panel programs, all the show's visitors will certainly be female.

Conversation topics range from art and also celebrity to gender national politics to the art market.

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Social Media Negative Effects – Same As Drug Addiction?

Visit blog site for entire Post

Our brains are being triggered in such a way they never have before in Background many thanks to Social media site. Would you believe Social Media triggers a release of dopamine – the feeling great chemical.

The benefit facilities in individuals minds are far more active when using social networks particularly when talking about their very own views as opposed to others.

The exact same part of your brain that is stimulated by climax, connections and love are boosted by your social media sites usage.

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How To Use Social Media for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Frankwatching

Produced for. Pelpina Journey talks with Mike Muhney about the most effective methods to make use of social media for consumer partnership monitoring (CRM).

Mike is a business owner, writer, and founder of VIPOrbit as well as ACT!. This meeting was shot at SXSW 2012.

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Plastic Surgery Marketing Consultant Chris Sewell Reveals Plastic Surgery Advertising Campaigns

Because of recent competition in the cosmetic surgery space, some surgeons have resorted to using using LivingSocial or Groupon to promote their practices. This is due to the fact that most surgeons don’t know how to advertise online and LivngSocial or Groupon seem like an easy solution. The problem with using these advertising platforms is that you’ll fill your practice with bargain seeking patients who will have no loyalty to your practice when you want to sell them other services. New patients are good, but getting past patients to come back to your practice and get additional services can make your practice a lot of money. In his 8-minute video, Chris Sewell introduces cosmetic surgeons to using Google PPC to attract new patients. Watch the video.


Using online methods to attract new students to your Yoga studio or gym

One way to get new members to your Yoga studio is to post a Q and A blog post on your website. Answer the most pressing questions that members ask before they sign up. You can take this a step further and create a video that answers these questions. You get the added benefit of Youtube helping new students find your gym. This video can be found in Google as well as Youtube, driving more visitors to your website. Just make sure to place your gym’s address in the description of the video so Google and Yutube know that you are a local business. This allows both search engines to geo-locate searchers in your local area.

You can take this a step further by implementing a Facebook campaign to attract more students. If you don’t have a clue as to how to setup such a campaign, just watch the video below by Chris Sewell of Chris Sewell Digital Media. The video walks you through a Facebook campaign he setup for a Yoga gym in Brooklyn, New York. Regardless of where your gym is located, you can use the same campaign to locate new students on Facebook for your gym. Watch the video and enjoy.

How To Avoid Looking Fat When Wearing White Pants

Back when my kids were all little toddlers, I did not wear any white pants at all. I simply could not risk worrying about getting those white pants dirty by wrestling with stubborn folding strollers and little mac-and-cheese grubby hands. But now that the kids are older and a whole lot orderly, white pants seems to be the way to go right into middle age- a rite of passage, as you will.

Wearing those white pants are an indication that I have totally earned a piece of clothing that is so impractical. Besides, there are only so much clothes you can count on one hand that you have to infinitely worry about where to sit without getting it instantly dirty, or having to double check what underwear it would look great on.

White pants have that special characteristic that very few articles of clothing have- they can dressed up either down or up. You can pair them up with the appropriate jacket on the next boardroom meeting, or wear them casually with sandals on your next excursion to the beach.

As classic and elegantly chic as white pants are, they do come with an anxiety tag attached- unlike our staple and dependable black pants and old standbys like dark denims that automatically slenderize the person wearing them, the wrong pair of white pants can make you look (gasp!) fatter, which is always a no-no.

Here are ways to avoid looking fat when wearing white pants:

Select a substantial fabric. Forget the stretched and thin white fabric that exaggerate and reveal all unsightly bumps and lumps: choose thick, ample ones, like stretch/cotton blends or pants made of heavy cotton twills. It is not unusual for pockets to adorn white pants, but they only serve to make you look bulkier- buy the stylish ones that have enough thick fabric to conceal the pockets.

Select a straight leg, not a tight one. The last thing an excellent pair of white pants are is too much volume. Choose a definitive style that will hang straight down from your hip, for example, a trouser-style pants that flatters your physique. White palazzo pants made of gauze or dreamy chiffon might sound romantically appealing and summery, but the fact is that they will only make you appear heavy. Ditch white pants that are full-cut.

Select the right underwear. Hold your thought- were you seriously thinking of pairing those white pants with white panties? Discard that horrible idea, and stick with flesh-toned underwear. The sleeker its fit, the better, as visible panty lines that show in white pants will make you appear even heftier.

Opt for a jean-style pant. White pants with five-pocket jean style are usually made of heavier fabrics, and they also naturally accentuate and flatter with a sleek leg and a five-pocket styling (especially with stretch fabrics) that will complete your white pants look with ease. My favorites for the summer are cropped white jeans.

Select a top that catches the eye. Wear white pants with a bright-colored top, something embellished or fashionably ruffled, or a plain attention-grabber like an off-shoulder top. A Black and white motif, bold florals and loud graphic prints can also do the same thing of saying “look up here!”. White as a color is a wonderful neutral hue, and if you pick a smart top that draws the people’s attention, the bottoms would fade gracefully from the background.

Opt for a tunic top. Don’t have the time or don’t want to fuss with the issue of panty lines or see-through pockets? Choose a fitting tunic top. A longish top that is paired up with slimming white pants skips right over the seemingly serious issue while providing you a sleek appearance.

Wear heels. Make your legs appear longer and you instantly look thinner, even when wearing white pants. Kitten heels, rope-trimmed wedges and any similar footwear are excellent for simulating the catchall effect of looking thinner in any pant type.

Skip cuffs. Cuffed-up pants of any shape and kind serve to break the visual line in pants, and that does not bode well with white pants.

Boot cut. An easy trick to balance out heavier thighs and hips is to wear a slight boot-cut pant. This specific style does the slimming job better than any slimmer leg cuts out there.