Overnight swag camping in a boat, Batemans Bay Nsw Australia

Fishing, Diving, Coastline, Beers and also BARBEQUE
capturing sharks, lobsters, abalone and cooking up on beach

31 thoughts on “Overnight swag camping in a boat, Batemans Bay Nsw Australia”

  1. It doesn’t get much fresher than that! What was the round thing you
    measured? That looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome video Chris, That’s what life’s all about. But now I’m hungry from
    watching all that seafood cooking on the beach. I shouldn’t be watching
    your videos at lunch time.

  3. Someone get this guy to be quiet so I can enjoy this excellent video!
    LOL.Content and surroundings an instant winner, but very nice job editing
    as well!

  4. Sometimes it’s better that I say nothing and appear stupid than open my
    mouth and remove all doubt haha
    I’m enjoying the glimpse’s into others adventures and figure others might
    like to look at mine. Thanks heaps for watching and comments
    Take it easy,

  5. My pleasure, I so much love to see real time looks at other parts of the
    world, and Australia has always had a hook in my craw! You do a good job
    with the filming and editing!

  6. That was Mm mm awesome man it must be so nice camping it up on the beach
    and cooking up you fresh harvest from the sea . looks so good I’m drooling
    right now .

  7. Nice spot!! Looks like a good place to visit!!! I must go there next time
    i’m on the east coast!!!!

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