Free Camping in the East Pt.2: Ohio Power/AEP

Ohio Power has actually 380 camping areas spread out between 6 free camping areas in their ReCreation Land. The area was once strip extracted, after that the leading soil was re-added, contoured and also grown. You could stay 3 weeks at a campground and then you'll have to relocate to a different one.

Authorizations, maps and also information:

The Wilds:

30 thoughts on “Free Camping in the East Pt.2: Ohio Power/AEP”

  1. I kind of skimmed through the Permit looking for restrictions on how long
    one can camp there. I assume it is 14 days? Looks like a very peaceful
    place to stay.

  2. Thanks Bill, sounds like a great place to camp. I’ve never heard of that
    place, very interesting about the safari area. I’m itching to head out on
    my road trip in a week to Denver.


  3. Ohio in August——–no thanks.
    come August i’ll be in Yellowstone, good temps. there.
    September is the plan for these mid states, maybe first 2 weeks of October,

  4. Thanks for the info. I am from near the area and my grandparents are
    buried not far from the Big Muskie bucket. I need to get up there with the

  5. I found the folks in Ohio (Cleveland/Canton) were very forgiving drivers
    with patience. I didn’t know my way around Cleveland and was a new
    owner/tower and whenever I had to change lanes, they obliged, even during
    rush hour – wouldn’t find that here in Tampa, FL.

  6. you can camp at one site for 3 weeks, then move to another for 3 weeks.
    then another and another. I live 6 miles form there and camp there all the

  7. Hey Bill, Great tips. We went there for a couple days, Its just beautiful.
    Great channel. Take Care….

  8. +JOE TODD Fraker
    Glad you enjoyed the video. I’ve camped at all the CGs and have my favorite
    spots at all of them.


  9. Enjoyed the video; we live 30 minutes from the Trace, and I have always
    enjoyed traveling and camping along it. We recently purchased a Casita and
    hope to put those campgrounds to good use! I’ve enjoyed all your vids.–

  10. +John S
    The Trace is one of my favorite drives, lots of things to do along the way
    as well!


  11. Good intell….Didn’t realize there truly was “free” camping in
    Ohio….Were from NE. OH. We go to Hocking Hills, Tar Hollow, Cowan and
    Stone Lick State Parks in SE. & SW. Ohio. Going to Alaska next summer
    (first year of retirement) then we can explore The AEP. sites. I’m going to
    assume, if one arrived on a Wed. or Thur. (non-holiday) you can find a nice
    site. I’ll subscribe to your site…Thanx

  12. +jay super As long as it’s not a holiday weekend there isn’t a problem for
    a site. For the best sites though I wouldn’t get there on a Friday
    afternoon or Saturday. Lots of room there!

  13. I love Ohio Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oh, I’m sure a lot. It’s a massive lot of untamed land, and matter of fact,
    people find new ponds, caves, and other cool stuff every day thats never
    been found there before. But you did a great job!

  15. A Hook Lake
    39°43’38.19″N 81°42’29.13″W

    C Sand Hollow
    39°44’03.94″N 81°43’50.54″W

    D Sawmill rOad
    39°44’02.8″N 81°41’15.8″W

    G Maple Grove
    39°42’25.03″N 81°43’29.70″W

    Miners Memorial
    39°41’57.2″N 81°43’52.4″W

    H Woodgrove
    39°43’15.7″N 81°40’13.1″W

    K Bicentennial
    39°46’30.8″N 81°38’43.7″W

  16. it’s a good place, the only downside, is sometimes, homeless will shuffle
    every 3 weeks,but there has never been much trouble, mostly hippies

  17. The campgrounds themselves can be very different. I find campground A is
    usually the most peaceful with C the nosiest (at times).


  18. There isn’t a campground anyplace near the equestrian area. I’ve camped in
    all the campgrounds and cruised around the place a lot and don’t remember
    ever seeing anyone camping with horses. I don’t think there is any rule
    against it though and there’s plenty of room to though.

  19. Thank you so much. I am looking for the perfect RV and towing vehicle. I
    will be staying at Burr Oak in a few weeks in one of their cabins. I will
    definitely check out the area for a place to go with my grandkids. Next
    year I hope we are camping out there. I live near Cleveland, and I love to
    get away from the city as often as possible. We’ve passed by that area on
    78 many times, and I had no idea we could camp there. Many blessings to you
    for all this great info.

  20. Camp D has running water as well. Firewood is usually brought in for
    campers which is put at the front of K. But is slab wood and will need to
    be cut. Camp A the building you speak of in a large pavilion. Also sections
    of A ,can be reserved for large groups.

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