Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show 2015 Highlights

In this video clip we take a look at several of the highlights from the Campers, Camping, and Motorhome Show 2015, and look at several of the brand-new family members outdoor camping gear for this year.
In this video clip: Outwell Corvette XL, Outwell Clipper XL, Robens Kiowa, Robens Klondike, Robens Fairbanks, Robens Volcano Range, Outwell Tomcat, Outwell Montana, Outwell Alabama 7P, Outwell Drayton Kitchen Device, Outwell Whitecove, Coleman Hexagon, Vango Euphoria, a Lynx Helicopter that you could sleep in, and also the Caravan & Camping Club Ready Camp.

You could find some even more details right here, in addition to some reality sheets on some of the tents showcased:

3 thoughts on “Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show 2015 Highlights”

  1. Good video. Thinking of going this year never been before. Can you tell me
    do the tents have any discounts? I want to buy a new Outwell smart air tent
    wondered if it would be a good price at the show.´╗┐

  2. +Mama San Thanks. Yes, they do often have discounts. The tent display is
    usually put on by PJ Camping, and the last few years they have been selling
    off the display models at a discount.

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