Social Media vs Social Networking

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I review what I assume the difference between social networking and social networks is. Let me understand just what you believe the difference remains in the comment section listed below!

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7 thoughts on “Social Media vs Social Networking”

  1. You forgot linked in or whatever. I liked it. Call it “thoughts from

  2. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I agree that there is a difference, but I
    hadn’t thought about it until now. :)

  3. I always used ‘social networking’ as the act itself, where ‘social media’
    is the online medium in which social networking is performed. We used to
    have social networking events for business, where you handed out business
    cards, had a meal or a drink and talked, “networking”. Sites like Twitter,
    Facebook, Instagram, etc all have processes in which multiple types of
    audiovisual content can be shared, pics, comments, videos – to me, that’s
    social media. But I am old. XD

  4. You’re right on spot brother,I’m with you. For so long i didn’t understand
    this very well until my assignment came up.. haha ..good job this :)

  5. but in Facebook and Twitter you can also post media, that’s why it is kinda

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