How To Avoid Looking Fat When Wearing White Pants

Back when my kids were all little toddlers, I did not wear any white pants at all. I simply could not risk worrying about getting those white pants dirty by wrestling with stubborn folding strollers and little mac-and-cheese grubby hands. But now that the kids are older and a whole lot orderly, white pants seems to be the way to go right into middle age- a rite of passage, as you will.

Wearing those white pants are an indication that I have totally earned a piece of clothing that is so impractical. Besides, there are only so much clothes you can count on one hand that you have to infinitely worry about where to sit without getting it instantly dirty, or having to double check what underwear it would look great on.

White pants have that special characteristic that very few articles of clothing have- they can dressed up either down or up. You can pair them up with the appropriate jacket on the next boardroom meeting, or wear them casually with sandals on your next excursion to the beach.

As classic and elegantly chic as white pants are, they do come with an anxiety tag attached- unlike our staple and dependable black pants and old standbys like dark denims that automatically slenderize the person wearing them, the wrong pair of white pants can make you look (gasp!) fatter, which is always a no-no.

Here are ways to avoid looking fat when wearing white pants:

Select a substantial fabric. Forget the stretched and thin white fabric that exaggerate and reveal all unsightly bumps and lumps: choose thick, ample ones, like stretch/cotton blends or pants made of heavy cotton twills. It is not unusual for pockets to adorn white pants, but they only serve to make you look bulkier- buy the stylish ones that have enough thick fabric to conceal the pockets.

Select a straight leg, not a tight one. The last thing an excellent pair of white pants are is too much volume. Choose a definitive style that will hang straight down from your hip, for example, a trouser-style pants that flatters your physique. White palazzo pants made of gauze or dreamy chiffon might sound romantically appealing and summery, but the fact is that they will only make you appear heavy. Ditch white pants that are full-cut.

Select the right underwear. Hold your thought- were you seriously thinking of pairing those white pants with white panties? Discard that horrible idea, and stick with flesh-toned underwear. The sleeker its fit, the better, as visible panty lines that show in white pants will make you appear even heftier.

Opt for a jean-style pant. White pants with five-pocket jean style are usually made of heavier fabrics, and they also naturally accentuate and flatter with a sleek leg and a five-pocket styling (especially with stretch fabrics) that will complete your white pants look with ease. My favorites for the summer are cropped white jeans.

Select a top that catches the eye. Wear white pants with a bright-colored top, something embellished or fashionably ruffled, or a plain attention-grabber like an off-shoulder top. A Black and white motif, bold florals and loud graphic prints can also do the same thing of saying “look up here!”. White as a color is a wonderful neutral hue, and if you pick a smart top that draws the people’s attention, the bottoms would fade gracefully from the background.

Opt for a tunic top. Don’t have the time or don’t want to fuss with the issue of panty lines or see-through pockets? Choose a fitting tunic top. A longish top that is paired up with slimming white pants skips right over the seemingly serious issue while providing you a sleek appearance.

Wear heels. Make your legs appear longer and you instantly look thinner, even when wearing white pants. Kitten heels, rope-trimmed wedges and any similar footwear are excellent for simulating the catchall effect of looking thinner in any pant type.

Skip cuffs. Cuffed-up pants of any shape and kind serve to break the visual line in pants, and that does not bode well with white pants.

Boot cut. An easy trick to balance out heavier thighs and hips is to wear a slight boot-cut pant. This specific style does the slimming job better than any slimmer leg cuts out there.