2 Marketing Concepts Small Businesses Can Learn From Big Businesses

1. Bring your brand to life wth shared experiences

Major brands, in the past, have used sponsorships and live events as an important part of their marketing mix. Times have changed. Today it’svery different. When a major company doesn’t see enough ROI (return on investment) for their high-dollar investments, they take their cash some place else.

But there’s a renaissance brewing today that you should be aware of, says Lassy Legorburu, worldwide chief creative officer for ad firm NitroMarketing Services because in NYC. He says a well-executed event or stunt can make a huge impression via Facebook or Twitter.

It’s imperative that small businesses realize that they can compete against larger brand by giving their customers a unique experience,” Legorburu said as we wlaked to his car. It’s not just about the splash anymore. It’s also about the ripples that leave a lasting impression.

If you can connect with emotional side of consumers by giving them an experience they want to talk about and share with friends and family members, that can have significant impact on your businesses bottom line profits. It’s not just the event itself, it’s the amplification.

A few examples, Legorburu said, would be the European Girl property. This place has olls, accessories, books and tony retail locations. It also has a Build-a-Bear station where fans can use their creativity and customization is king.

When you turn a product into a media property by leveraging how large lifestyle brands surprise and delight their consumers, it counts as an additional success stories, he said. The latter, whose stunts have become media magnets, delivered rescue puppies in honor of National Doggie Day and gave limo rides to Vegas to promote its car service to this well-heeled vacation destination.

2. Use real-time marketing to separate yourself from the competition

Major brands offer innovative road maps, Legorburu said. They often run some of their ad campaigns like circus newsrooms. With an eye on pop culture and current events, brands like Pepsi, Yahoo and Planters have linked their own messages with the Pro Bowl, the Olympics, national holidays and golbal news events.

Since this strategy doesn’t necessarily require a ton of capital investment, there’s no reason why a small business can’t do it as well.

Major brands often plant themselves into the conversation without paying for media. The idea of a big bureaucratic organization giving a creative ad team full control to release content out to on the Internet within minutes sounds kind of crazy. But the big companies are pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible just 10 years ago. A small company doesn’t have all those layers and red tape. They can exponentially grow their exposure by taking advantage of those same techniques.